Parents’ Breakaway in School Holiday

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This is the promotion of filial piety, to encourage children to spend more time to accompany their parents, and appreciation of those children to give thankgiving to their parents in May and June of the Parents Day (Mother’s Day & Father’s Day), Gold Coast Morib Int. Resort specially presents a Thanksgiving Parents’ Breakaway in School Holiday! Quicky book now! We offer only 100 rooms each day from 27th of May to 23rd of June.
百善以孝为先!这是对于提倡孝道,鼓励能有更多时间陪伴父母,回馈给充满孝心子女的超值配套,即将到来5月与6月份的双亲节,摩立黄金海岸度假村特别呈现超值大优惠,希望在摩立黄金海岸创造出更感恩温馨双亲节!赶紧吧!每天只优惠100间套房 (5月27日 至 6月23日)

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