Water Theme Park


Gold Coast Malacca International Resort – Water Theme Park

Recreation Facilities

Water Theme Park

⟡ Whirlwind slides with different colours and height from 5’to 30”

⟡ Giant water bucket that pours water every 2 minutes

⟡ Water Gun Shooter that shoots anyone at the Water Gate

⟡ Sea Saw water deep that lifts water in the air

⟡ Ring flushes

⟡ Roller blades

⟡ Water Spit from Dolphin, Sea Horse, Rabbit and Crocodile

⟡ Hula hoop multi-colours  ring that eject water

⟡ Lotus flower and Avatar tree that gush and spurt water


Wave Pool

⟡ An area size of 60’to 180’ with a depth from 6” to 6’’

⟡ the different types of waves will arrive in clockwork once every few minutes is another re-creation of nature of artificial ocean shore

⟡ Elephant and dolphin slides

⟡ Trampoline placed at the side will make the kids enjoying high flying jump

⟡ Plenty pool side wooden lounger for you to relax and feel the sound of the waves


  • Musical Rhythmic

⟡ The 3-rings fountain with nozzles of 30, 19 and 10 respectively will emits different cybernetic fountains accompanied with musical and timed light against water particles.

⟡ When night falls, the garden at the pools are transformed-by water features in the Musical Fountain and a spectacular lighting display at the Admiral Cheng Ho ship.


  • Swimming Pool

⟡ A very unique free form pool typically designed around elements in nature and providing inlets into the pool area for palm tress or shrubbery.

⟡ With a size of 160 sq ft and a depth of 42 inches this pool will be ideally for family with children.

⟡ While the children are playing; they will not escape the parents’ watchful eyes.



  • Children Playground

⟡ The train-like designed with a house tree playground will definitely entertained your children with great variety of slides. The children can safely play for hours while the parents relax and enjoy a meal at the playground restaurant.

  • Jacuzzi

⟡ To complement the excitement, Jacuzzi 7’x 24’ with a capacity of 12 people and mini Jacuzzi of 7’x 7’for 6 people will brightened your day



Operation Hours


9.00am – 7.00pm