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Gold Coast Malacca International Resort – Food & Beverage


We Are Always Ready To Serve You

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- Gold Coast Coffee House

Start the day with great taste! You can enjoy a range of meals, drinks and snacks throughout the day, including American breakfast, English afternoon tea and a traditional Malaysian carvery.


Lobby Lounge

- Sisters 9 Cafe

Enjoy a delicious dinner and try one of our signature drinks, the Gold Coast Coffee, served in a white glazed ceramic mug.! Your cup of inspiration!. Good to the Last Drop!





- Admiral Cheng Ho

It’s beautiful by day, but especially alluring at night when the ship acts as a magnet to the colourful water theme park, attracted by the unique free form pool romantic ambiance.

Experienced our fine dining below the ship deck! Celebrated in gracious settings among family and friends

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Pool Terrace

- Pool Terrace

It’s a great place for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying panoramic views of the eternal wave pool. Taste our home made water melon slushy and a bit of lychee simply blended together in this quick treat.