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Family Trip or Friends Gathering Trip

​ [gallery ids="6265,6266,6267,6268,6269,6270,6271,6272,6273,6274,6275,6276,6277,6278,6279,6280,6281,6282,6283,6284,6285,6286,6287,6288,6289,6290,6291,6292,6293,6294,6295,6296,6297,6298,6299,6300,6301,6207" type="slideshow" link="file"] Planning for Family Trip or Friends Gathering Trip for your golden family/friend's bonding time? Why look for hotel room that all your family or friend cannot be stayed in together in one room to have fun together after visiting historical tourist spots? You should look for a bigger apartment with…
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We are easy to find at most major Maps App

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] We are easy to find at most major Maps Apps such as Google Maps and Waze apps. Open those app and just find "Gold Coast Morib...." our location will pop up straight away from these apps. Google Maps Waze [gallery ids="6234,6237,6236,6233,6238,6240,6239" type="slideshow"] [/mp_span] [/mp_row]
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Great News! 超级好消息!

超级好消息 !!!一年一度【斋戒月超级促销终于来啦!】优惠及住宿日期从2017年5月27日至2017年6月23日。心动不如行动。来吧! 摩立黄金海岸国际度假村,假期及双亲节优惠配套非常超值 ,一日游由马币50起 全马首个不夜天水上乐园,怕哂的您在夜间更享受水上乐园的乐趣! 马上在支付宝国际酒店寻找摩立黄金海岸国际度假村预订或WhatsApp: 016-398 3333或微信:ausbris / ausbrischong, 询问更多详情及订购。 Great news !! Once a year the Suci Fasting month of super value promotions finally come! Offer from from May 27, 2017 to June 23, 2017. Not as good as action. Gold Coast Morib International Resort presents great value deals during school holiday for…
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