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We Are Ready To Serve You!

Spoilt with choice of adventures as far as eating is concerned during your stay at Gold Coast Morib International Resort. There are 2 venues to choose from, offering an amazing wide range style of culinary delights.


Dining Price List Effective 1st April 2015 :-

Breakfast Buffet   : RM 21 for children
    RM 37 for adult
Lunch Buffet   : RM 26 for children
    RM 42 for adult
Dinner Buffet   : RM 32 for children
    RM 53 for adult


Gold Coast Morib International Resort – Dining


  • “Kopi”, a Malay word for coffee and “tiam” means shop in Hokkien dialect. This is where the young and old alike catch up with one another for a chat. Menus offer a simple variety of food such as egg, toast, coffee, tea etc. An ideal place for a light snack.

Dinner Function2endah-kopitiam-2a


  • With a designated lounge, restaurant and bar area with a selection of cocktail, it is sure to rejuvenate your every mood. The Pier also provides secluded dining. Sea view and beer is simply a perfect combination. Wine and dine under the sky and feel the sea breeze.

Dinner Function4the-pier-2a


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